Designed for families, friends and small groups with curated itineraries to provide the ultimate escape. With a growing network of vessels strategically placed to provide access to the greatest adventure destinations on earth.

The Engineered Meets The Elemental. 

Arksen products are defined by minimalistic design, technological innovations, sustainable solutions, and a complete lack of compromise.

Designed for Explorers. Made for Adventure.

Arksen Adventures

Curated masterclasses and adventures built around our iconic outdoor products and led by Former SAS Operator and two-time Everest summiteer Jay Morton.

Arksen U1700 Unimog

Join Arksen Overland CEO Rich Brown on a walkthrough tour of the Arksen U1700 Unimog.

Built on an upgraded and restored Mercedes Unimog, the U1700 delivers a modern analogue experience with old school simplicity to give you the confidence to tackle uncharted territory and find new adventure.

Spirit of Adventure

Join Arksen founder Jasper Smith, his two sons and his now 94-year-old father Ron as they explore the Western Cape of South Africa by Arksen Land Rover.

Navigating off grid, re-learning how to drive, reflecting on Arksen's overland origin story, and sharing in new experiences.


To own an Arksen product is a statement of intent. Intent to get out there in the wild and find life’s rarest moments, where the lightness of play begins. That’s the essence of adventure. To exist in the now and experience the power of nature. To see and feel and move with the rhythm of the world, Arksen is the intent behind your next great adventure. It is also a statement of our mutual intent to tread lightly, to operate within the principles of a circular economy and to join a community of explorers focused on driving change.

Sea Time Pledge

We started Arksen with the aim of creating the world’s largest privately owned fleet of research vessles. That’s why we started the Sea Time Pledge, and ask all of our marine customers to donate 10% of the usage of their vessels to conservation and science work. This was so popular that we also started Yachts for Science for the wider marine community.

Our Philosophy & Philanthropy

At Arksen we evoke the spirit of adventure and what it means. In all of us. Together, alone, as a community.

We make it a reality through iconic products and experiences on land and sea. Why? Because we believe that human connection to the natural world is essential to all of our survival.

At the heart of everything we do is the belief that helping people experience our planet is the best way to inspire positive action. When the destination is nowhere and the wilderness is everywhere.