Explorer Series

Our Explorer Series vessels are the most authentic and capable vessels in their class.

Take a deep breath

Breathe in your surroundings, look across the sparkling water of the secluded bay where you’ve just dropped anchor.

You made this journey, you chose this adventure, we simply provided you with the tools and confidence to get you there. Arksen is about enabling the voyages you’ve always dreamed of to become reality. Rediscover that passion for curiosity, the desire for new experiences and share those unique adventures with loved ones.

Reach new heights

As you reach the peak you turn and look at the valley unfolding below you, seeing your vessel moored in the cool clear waters beyond. All that’s left is to carve your way back down the mountain side, gliding through fresh untouched powder.

Whether you are into the excitement of ski-touring on pristine slopes or more a fan of après ski lounging in a stunning anchorage, Arksen provides you with the vessel to take you there.

Discover deeper depths

You come up for air having reached your deepest free dive yet, learning this sport with your family is the greatest achievement you could wish for. Perhaps you’re seen the delight in a child’s eyes the first time they’ve swum with a turtle. Whether your ambitions for adventure lie above or below the waves, you can be sure that with Arksen, you’ll be part of a community of new explorers.

Relax in comfort

From Arctic ice floes to tropical reefs, your Arksen voyages will introduce you to extremes of weather. No matter the conditions, the beautifully finished interiors will keep you snug with all the amenities of home. The carefully considered layout has been designed to satisfy both the desire for comfort with the necessity of functionality at sea. Some will be content simply to enjoy these little luxuries, others will also marvel at the elegantly practical design.

Custom Projects for adventures from 100m+

Arksen have concept designs over 100’ in the pipeline for explorers requiring more guests, larger crew, greater speed, range or load capacity, fully ice class hull structures, storage and launching of larger tenders and submersibles, offering greater levels of customisation. Keep following the Arksen journey for more details.