Adventure Syndicate

We wanted to open up more opportunities for our community and their families to embark on life-enhancing adventures and work with us to engage in important work to help protect the oceans. The Adventure Syndicate is a pioneering club via which members enjoy shared ownership of one of our unique vessels and full access to the experiences we offer.

The Adventure Syndicate offers like-minded adventurers several major advantages:

  • Significantly lower costs
  • Financial flexibility
  • Fully managed, no-hassle fractional ownership, from 2 to 10 weeks a year
  • Fully equipped, crewed, maintained vessels with all key costs included
  • Multi-year adventure-themed cruising itinerary
  • Participation in science programmes run by Arksen Philanthropy
  • Use of all adventure equipment for your greatest adventures
  • A like-minded, family orientated community

Game Changer

Once in a while, an opportunity comes along that can change the course of our lives forever. The Arksen Adventure Syndicate is one such opportunity, one that provides extraordinary adventures and experiences for you and your family via a multi-year cruising program in one of our European, Asian, American, or Global syndicates.

Enjoy zero hassle ownership and the benefits of a fully maintained, crewed, and equipped vessel with the financial flexibility to trade in and out of a syndicate at any time. But more importantly, in this time scarce and chaotic world, it provides the ultimate escape, a way of getting off the beaten track, enjoying the wilderness, and participating in projects that will help us better understand and conserve our world’s oceans.

Why Wait?

Our planet is an awe-inspiring place. Full of incredible splendour, beauty, and hidden treasures. Its layers of culture, geography, and colour; from major cities to the smallest settlements, from the Arctic wilderness to the balmy tropics, from a perfect sunny day to a raging storm create an explorer’s paradise. Yet, while many of us might dream of experiencing some of these things, it’s rare that we have the time and tools to embark on and share these adventures. Our aim is to change that by providing everything that you need to start exploring the best that our planet has to offer.

Why a syndicate?

Our approach to developing the Adventure Syndicate stems from over 25 years of boat ownership. As owners, we soon realised that few of us have the time or money to commit to the full ownership of a large vessel and that even when we do the hassle of maintaining and operating them can wash off the glamour.

It’s an unfortunate truth that the vast majority of yachts sit in the same marina, little used, year after year, meaning that owners cruise the same waters and anchor in the same bays. Over time, the adventurous spirit that was the inspiration for buying a boat in the first place can get lost.

However, by creating a fully managed syndicate around a vessel, we can significantly reduce the cost of ownership and ensure that the yachts are fully equipped, operated and maintained to the highest standards. Better still, the Adventure Syndicate offers global opportunities for adventure via four-year cruising itineraries while working with Yachts For Science to support crucial marine research.

Cruising grounds

You may love sailing in the Mediterranean, or cruising around Northern Europe. You may have dreamed of ski touring in the Norwegian Fjords, or sailing to Kamchatka, or across the Pacific Ocean. You may want to explore Newfoundland or Greenland or go diving in the Caribbean. The Arksen Adventure Syndicate provides the opportunity to do all of these things and more.

Our syndicates are each based on a cruising area: Europe, the Americas, Asia or Global. Members of one syndicate can swap weeks in one cruising area for another.

We design the itineraries with all syndicate Members around a 4-year cruising program that is designed to capture the spirit and soul of the region.


The Adventure Syndicate is all about… adventure. Allowing you and your family to set off on the journey of a lifetime in a vessel that you own. The logistics and support are provided by the Arksen Explorers Club. Each syndicate chooses its own itinerary and adventures and these might include the great explorer routes used by Cook, Nansen, Scott, Cousteau or Tilman, it may be following the ancient sailing routes around the Mediterranean. Or a plan entirely of your own making.

Whatever adventure you want to embark on, the equipment is onboard. Diving and snorkeling, climbing and hiking, sailing kayaks, paddleboards, sea bobs, Arksen Expedition Rib, kitesurfers, water skis, wakeboards and even underwater and airborne drones.


Practicalities of ownership

Syndicate operations

The economics of membership – investing in a syndicate

The economics of membership – membership contributions

The economics of membership – the end of membership

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