Our impact

As a bunch of passionate outdoor enthusiasts and ocean explorers we all have a great connection to the natural environment. The marine ecosystem and wilderness areas we love to explore are under threat and we must do what we can to protect them.

Our approach to sustainability involves us taking responsibility for our impact on the environment from the perspective of our company, our products, our community and our industry. We not only seek to reduce our environmental and social impact through our ESG program but also work closely with our partners, owners and research institutions to find collaborative solutions for a more sustainable marine future.

Our mission

Sustainability is a core focus at Arksen, and as such we ensure that any action taken is viewed through this lens. We understand that this not only relates to the design and building of our products but also internally and throughout our chosen partnerships. Therefore, a clear set of sustainable working practices are distributed and understood across the company in order to remain transparent. Sustainability is not just a messaging pillar we use as a marketing tool, it is a core belief and although we understand our own limitations, we must take steps in the right direction.

The ability to reduce the impact of a product starts with careful design. Thoughtful choices and clever planning in the early stages can dramatically alter the lifespan and footprint of a product.Keeping products in use for longer, retaining their original value and reducing wasted resources are key components of circular design.Arksen’s in depth design process seeks to:

  • Design out waste
  • Design for easy maintenance and repair
  • Design efficient effciently to reduce power requirement
  • Design for materials from sustainable sources or with recycled content
  • Design systems to reduce hotel loads where possible
  • Design for multi-use
  • Design for end of life recycling
  • Designed to facilitate future upgrades

Designing for the future

This is a significant task in a large vessel or overland vehicle, and across the apparel lines that we produce, mainly because of the vast array of components and suppliers that go in to making our products. Our approach is to partner with manufacturing and engineering companies that themselves have holistic environmental and recycling policies and to work with them to ensure the integration of all the components does not unduly hinder end of life recycling. Beyond that our choice of construction and fit out materials starts from the premise that they must be sustainable at source and easily recyclable at the end of life.

We believe in and continuously work towards the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which was adopted by all United Nations Member States in 2015, and provides a shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future. At Arksen we understand that contributing to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals is not only a responsibility but also a business opportunity and we will deploy the goals to shape our own internal targets and integrate sustainability into our core business strategies.

We are also working hard through our philanthropy endeavours to partner with existing and upcoming organisations who are committed to adding to the knowledge of, and reducing the adverse impacts on, our environment.

Our products

For us, the sustainability of our vessels goes beyond the careful choice of raw materials, the systems onboard, or the efficiency of the hull design, we take responsibility for the use of the vessel throughout its life cycle. With our services and platforms, we offer new ways to increase the use and enjoyment of our Explorer and Adventure Series which means they are not a wasted resource. We also aim to demonstrate that yachts can be used to benefit the health of our oceans and provide a learning opportunity for those onboard. Effectively creating a shift in what it means to own a yacht and increase vital access to the ocean for scientific research. Circular economy principles and end of life strategies combine with durability, intelligent use of recycled and low-impact materials with an experiential ownership model to create products with meaning.

Tracking and transparency

To continue our open approach to business we are currently undertaking an ESG assessment with Future Plus and we will be sharing the results on this page.

We understand that our sustainable journey is continual and we look forward to keeping you updated as things progress so please check back for more details coming soon.