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Our Story

We believe in the power of adventure to change lives and perspectives. And that in those most freewheeling, untethered and challenging moments we feel most alive. At the heart of everything we do is our intent to search for those rare moments in life, ones you never forget. The best way to inspire change and positive action is simply to allow people to experience the power of playfulness, our most life-enhancing creative force.Arksen has been inspired by decades of wildness, of circumnavigations, of scaling and failing on the mountains, of freediving, and overlanding and through a remarkable team of explorers.


The Arksen Boat & Adventure Club offers both custom and curated experiences for our community to explore the worlds wilder lands and oceans. Arksen Explorers Syndicate is a community model based on cost-sharing and joint ownership.


Helping people to experience our planet is the best way of inspiring positive action. Through the lens of sustainability, we design our products for explorers, laser-focussed on function, reliability, customisation and beauty.

By harnessing the latest hybrid propulsion technologies, coupled with state-of-the-art control and monitoring systems, our products are at the forefront of a materials and manufacturing revolution. Our choice of materials, technologies and processes all start with the principles of developing and supporting a circular economy. We design all of our products, with the same ideals at heart: efficient use of resources, replaceable, recyclable components and products that are built to last. Iconic products that can be loved by generations. Arksen is trying a different approach – one that is rooted in sustainability and the joy of experiences rather than ownership alone.


At Arksen, the ocean is our North Star and we’re doing our best to help it thrive. Our charity 10% for the Ocean (charity no. 1186488) unites over 70 major ocean charities in 27 countries, funding 100’s of projects. It provides a single point of access for global ocean philanthropy.

Yachts for Science connects 10% for the Ocean with partners Nekton, Ocean Family Foundation, EYOS and Boat International to build the world’s largest privately owned and research-capable fleet of yachts. Our aim is to facilitate profound change. Increase knowledge through research, provide more researchers with access and improve oceanic health for future generations.

On land, The Tree of Life is a project we are involved with to protect Africa’s natural landscapes. Working with the Zeitz Foundation we’re helping to plant three million indigenous acacia trees in the heart of Laikipia, Kenya. In the first phase, 100,000 tree seedlings were planted in the shape of a huge rhinoceros on the Segera Conservancy in Spring 2020.


We live for the experiences that our iconic machines and products enable, and adventure is the lifeblood of our company. As climbers, sailors, skiers, divers, surfers and kiteboarders getting off the beaten track is in our DNA. It is what life is all about. So to maximise these opportunities for our community, we set up the Arksen Explorers Club which offers both custom and curated expeditions, a collection of adventures that are designed to enable friends and families to explore the worlds wilder lands and oceans. To deliver these initiatives, the Arksen team have created an incredible itinerary of experiences and built an inimitable network of adventure professionals.


Just like explorers will gather to exchange information and tales, our community gathers around our joint intent. To play. To explore. To protect. With friends and strangers, through generations and beyond. It’s a story shared, a journey taken; an encounter that bonds us together. As our community grows, so does our ability to change behaviours. To collectively be our most creative, assertive, dedicated and social selves. So we work to open up our experiences to as many people as possible.

Arksen Explorers Syndicate is a community model based on cost-sharing and joint ownership. Through it, more people get to experience the soul-nourishing pleasure of play in the wild.

Corprate Overview

Arksen is an outdoor and sporting goods company. United by a commitment to sustainable development we build iconic products across the apparel, marine and overland sectors. For investor relations enquires please contact investor.relations@arksen.com