Starting life as a marine adventure company, Arksen has always had a passion for the ocean. We have ventured into designing iconic off-road vehicles and technical clothing to make sure you head into your adventures in the best gear possible to brace you for all conditions. We want to inspire a new generation, showing that anybody can be an explorer. That the world was meant to be explore and the best way of promoting this is through shared experiences and stories, which is why Arksen community was curated, to build a platform where we can share our love of the planet.

Our impact

As a bunch of passionate outdoor enthusiasts and ocean explorers we all have a great connection to the natural environment. The ecosystem we love to explore is under threat and we must do what we can to protect it. Our approach to sustainability involves us taking responsibility for our impact on the environment from the perspective of our company, our products, our community and our industry. We not only seek to reduce our environmental and social impact through our ESG program but also work closely with our partners, owners and research institutions to find collaborative solutions for a more sustainable future.

Our products

For us, the sustainability of our vessels, vehicles, and apparel goes beyond the careful choice of raw materials, the systems involved, or the efficiency of the design, we take responsibility for the use of the products throughout their life cycles. With our services and platforms, we offer new ways to increase the use and enjoyment of our products which means they are not a wasted resource.

We also aim to demonstrate that yachts can be used to benefit the health of our oceans and provide a learning opportunity for those onboard. Effectively creating a shift in what it means to own a yacht and increase vital access to the ocean for scientific research.

We firmly believe electrification can and should play a role in exploration, and we continue to research how we can go beyond our D110e electric Land Rover to deliver future electrified vehicles with the capability for true off grid zero emission exploration.

We are inspired by true adventurers, and our goal is to build an Arksen community who take our products to the wildest parts of the planet and create inspirational stories for all. We are built on the stories of people such as overland adventure pioneer John Weston and events like the Camel Trophy where the romance of adventure always shines bright.

Circular economy principles and end of life strategies combine with durability, intelligent use of recycled and low-impact materials with an experiential ownership model to create products with meaning.

Adventure with purpose


As well as working to reduce the energy required to run our vessels we also aim to keep them in use for longer through our experiential ownership approach. By supporting thoughtful adventures through our Explorers’ Club we hope to encourage a new generation of passionate ocean adventurers.

We believe that we all have a responsibility to help better understand and protect the oceans. By enabling ocean positive activity both on and off the water, we work towards supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goal 14 – Life below Water.

To discover more about this approach visit our Arksen Philanthropy page to learn about the Sea Time Pledge, Yachts for Science and 10% for the Ocean.