Arksen D110
Adventure Awaits

The Arksen D110 combines the Defender’s soul and legendary capability with contemporary equipment to re-imagine overlanding for the modern age.

Arksen D110e
Lead The Charge

Overland sustainably with an all-electric drivetrain in the new Arksen D110e. Enjoy a 150kW motor driving all 4-wheels through the transfer case, silent running, near instant torque, no gears and a sub 8-second 0-60mph performance.

Arksen P110
Immerse Yourself

The Arksen P110 offers the most engaging outdoors experience for the most adventurous among us.

Arksen U1700 
The Ultimate Overlander

The Arksen U1700 is your fully equipped, luxury platform designed to take you anywhere built on the unstoppable Unimog.