Arksen Comes Ashore

Four years since our inception, Arksen is coming ashore with a range of specialist overland vehicles

Our new venture, Arksen Overland, brings our technical knowledge and engineering expertise to a range of specialist overland vehicles, extending our offering beyond the marine environment. The new range of vehicles continues our philosophy – creating highly adept and capable machines, built around circular economy principles, to operate safely and to the highest standards in the most remote regions of the world.

Provenance & Motivation

The new business is led by automotive industry veteran Rich Brown who brings over 20 years, leading strategy, and innovation at Ford. His team has high ambitions to build and scale a portfolio of the most sustainable and capable explorer vehicles in the market.

Every journey begins with the smallest step, and for Arksen Overland the team’s research led to a simple conclusion: the first vehicles should harness current platforms and rebuild them from the ground-up infusing modern technology, curated customisation and considered design aesthetics.

As a result, the team has created vehicles which remain true to the spirit of adventure, deliver modern levels of comfort and which, from a carbon perspective, afford an Arksen owner the ability to explore almost a full lap of the planet versus turning the key on a comparable new vehicle

Perhaps it’s time for a reset. Modern sports car performance isn’t really usable, and modern luxury means separation from a world you travel through. The Arksen appeal is back to the promise of where the vehicle might take you, connecting with those places, and putting a new type of fun back into driving.

Rich Brown, CEO, Arksen Overland

Our Vehicles

Few vehicles evoke the spirit of adventure quite like the iconic Land Rover Defender, its Perentie cousin (an Australian Military spec. equivalent), and the Mercedes Unimog. Each has earned a solid reputation and enviable following among enthusiasts for both their capability and the emotion they deliver in every journey. Which makes them the standout choice to be our platforms. Rich and his team have identified a swift, effective, and scalable solution, working with handpicked suppliers and partners who provide expert services at every step to deliver world class vehicles.

The initial range of vehicles already caters to a breadth of adventures. The 2023 launch portfolio is comprised of our:

The initial range of vehicles already caters to a breadth of adventures. The 2023 launch portfolio is comprised of our:

The Arksen D110, P110 and D110e are all offered in two core specifications:

Adventure Prepped platform (with built in power, water, and fridge/freezer) designed for customers to define their ideal build, leverage their existing expedition kit and/or serve as a daily driver.

Expedition Ready is a turnkey overlander which adds an Arksen curated expedition fit-out, including: roof tent, shower system, awning, winch, recovery gear, and camping accessories.

Ready For Adventure

Ahead of Arksen Overland’s launch, two Arksen D110s, one P110 and one U1700 have been completed and are available for sale. Additional builds are in the pipeline with two due to complete in the coming months, including the first Arksen D110e EV – expected to be presented at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in July.

Through our Overland page, customers can see completed vehicles for sale as inventory , design their ideal vehicle via the Arksen configurator and reach out to the team to explore and commission their own unique build.

Part of our unique restoration proposition is that every rebuilt, replaced or upgraded element has been included with a specific goal in mind – to add to the experience of adventure. The result are overland vehicles that resonate with the romance of travel from bygone eras, updated for contemporary comforts, with modern reliability built around mechanical systems which can be fixed by almost anyone, anywhere.

Arksen’s team believe the best way to inspire future generations to care about our planet and environment is to enable adventurers and motor enthusiasts alike to build shared memories with family and friends; experiencing the best the world has to offer.

So, whether you want to escape with your family on an extended adventure, explore at the weekends or are simply searching for a new type of sustainable vehicle to bring you joy, you should consider Arksen Overland’s exceptional new range.