Our Impact

As a bunch of passionate outdoor enthusiasts and ocean explorers we all have a great connection to the natural environment. The marine ecosystem we love to explore is under threat and we must do what we can to protect it.

Our approach to sustainability involves us taking responsibility for our impact on the environment from the perspective of our company, our products, our community and our industry. We not only seek to reduce our environmental and social impact through our ESG program but also work closely with our partners, owners and research institutions to find collaborative solutions for a more sustainable marine future. 

Our Products 

For us, the sustainability of our vessels goes beyond the careful choice of raw materials, the systems onboard, or the efficiency of the hull design, we take responsibility for the use of the vessel throughout its life cycle. With our services and platforms, we offer new ways to increase the use and enjoyment of our Explorer and Adventure Series which means they are not a wasted resource. 

We also aim to demonstrate that yachts can be used to benefit the health of our oceans and provide a learning opportunity for those onboard. Effectively creating a shift in what it means to own a yacht and increase vital access to the ocean for scientific research.

Circular economy principles and end of life strategies combine with durability, intelligent use of recycled and low-impact materials with an experiential ownership model to create products with meaning.

Designing for the Future

The ability to reduce the impact of a product starts with careful design. Thoughtful choices and clever planning in the early stages can dramatically alter the lifespan and footprint of a product.  

Keeping products in use for longer, retaining their original value and reducing wasted resources are key components of circular design. 

Arksen’s in depth design process seeks to:

  • Design out waste
  • Design for easy maintenance and repair
  • Design efficient hull forms to reduce power requirement 
  • Design for materials from sustainable sources or with recycled content
  • Systems designed to reduce hotel loads where possible
  • Design for multi-use
  • Design for end of life recycling
  • Designed to facilitate future upgrades

Adventure with Purpose

As well as working to reduce the energy required to run our vessels we also aim to keep them in use for longer through our experiential ownership approach. By supporting thoughtful adventures through our Explorers’ Club we hope to encourage a new generation of passionate ocean adventurers. 

We believe that we all have a responsibility to help better understand and protect the oceans. By enabling ocean positive activity both on and off the water, we work towards supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goal 14 – Life below Water. 

To discover more about this approach visit our Arksen Philanthropy page to learn about the Sea Time Pledge, Yachts for Science and 10% for the Ocean

“Arksen aims to drive behavioral change through collaboration with owners, scientists, ocean advocates and conservation experts.”

Tracking and Transparency

To continue our open approach to business we are currently undertaking an ESG assessment with Future Plus and we will be sharing the results on this page. 

We understand that our sustainable journey is continual and we look forward to keeping you updated as things progress so please check back for more details coming soon. 

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