Arksen Zero

Innovating Technology to help support a circular economy is at the heart of our products. We build to last, across all our vessels. We make sure our technology works for maximum efficient and uses up any excess power that is produced to balance the system. 

Spark a movement

There are three power sources; generators, batteries and solar. Generators and batteries run the electric motors for propulsion and the solar power feeds directly into the AC grid means less fuel required by using generators to power the system. Batteries are charged by the generators or direct from shore power.

Serial Hybrid Sytem

Designed with sustainability at heart to allow you to switch to electric when entering conservation areas to minimise impact when on sea, conserving fuel use and helping to protect the special corners of the earth that we want to leave untouched for future generations to explore.

Arksen's innovative Praxis hybrid system is a smart way of combining different power sources to make boats go and manage energy. This system has three main parts: generators, batteries, and solar panels. They work together to provide power for things like the boat's facilities, the engines, and even the place where people stay on the boat.

There's a special part called the DC Bus that makes sure the power goes where it's needed. It's like a traffic controller for electricity. The AC Grid is another important part that helps manage the electricity used on the boat. The solar panels also help by directly giving power, which makes the boat need less power from the DC Bus.

All of this fancy setup not only makes the boat use energy really well, but it also makes sure there's a backup plan if something goes wrong. And the boat can be used in different ways because it can switch between power sources.

Inside this new system, Arksen uses two electric engines for moving the boat and other small electric engines for steering. This helps make the boat quiet and doesn't need regular fuel. It's better for the environment and it saves money too. This system lets the boat move efficiently and use the right amount of fuel. Arksen's Praxis hybrid system is not only a big step in boat technology, but it also shows how to be eco-friendly and flexible when travelling on the water.

On Land

Arksen D110e Range redefines eco-performance for classic Land Rovers through bespoke Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) conversions. A 150kW electric motor replaces the diesel engine, delivering silent torque and sub 8-second 0-60 mph speed, preserving off-road capabilities while eliminating emissions and reducing maintenance. This transformation, validated through rigorous testing, not only upholds the Land Rover legacy but also pioneers a cleaner, more thrilling automotive future.

Arksen U1700 facilitates worry-free off-grid exploration with the CZONE control unit powered by Enerdrive's lithium technology. Managing 400AH Enerdrive custom lithium batteries and an 880W solar array, it ensures uninterrupted power, customizable settings, and protection against issues. Arksen's commitment to global markets brings upgrades for diverse climates, including intercooler enhancements, window tinting, and a monitoring system. The introduction of a configurator empowers customers to tailor vehicles like the U1700 to unique adventures.

Arksen preserves the essence of iconic vehicles by restoring them comprehensively, ensuring an authentic driving experience. The focus on components, reduced noise, vibration, and harshness, and meticulous restoration processes result in an uncompromised driving encounter. Through sustainable innovation and customisation, Arksen shapes the future of classic Land Rovers while staying true to their heritage.

Advancement With Our Vessels

Constantly looking forward to improve the efficiency of our vessels and how they are powered. By focusing on using a hybrid power source we can enable intelligent control, where generators evenly loaded to minimise maintenance costs.

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