Arksen 85

Second Arksen 85 Sold

The ambitious project has rapidly gained momentum with the sale of the second Arksen 85, Project Pelagos, announced today.

Two and a half years ago, Arksen unveiled its vision for a new concept in sustainable marine adventures. The ambitious project has rapidly gained momentum with the sale of the second Arksen 85, Project Pelagos, announced today. The Arksen 85 represents the ‘flagship’ vessel within the Arksen Explorer Series, with the Arksen 75 and Arksen 65 making up the ‘Explorer’ fleet.

Currently in build with Arksen’s build partners Wight Shipyard in Cowes, on the Isle of Wight, Project Pelagos is due to be on the water by early 2023, providing 12 berths in a six-cabin configuration. As with all Arksen vessels, the Arksen 85 offers robust build quality, excellent reliability and superb efficiency, combined with comfort, style and safety, as expected from a modern, long-range cruising vessel.

The Arksen 85

The Arksen 85 is designed to access remote areas of the globe and operates safely in extreme environments whilst being equally capable of cruising in more accessible waters. The design of the vessel and the on board systems allow for operation in a wide range of conditions, including high latitudes, tropical climates and adverse weather as well as extended periods in remote regions without external support.

Through the purchase of Project Pelagos, the new owner will join the Arksen family, a growing and supportive ecosystem that helps owners discover more remote and challenging locations, giving them the tools and confidence to undertake voyages with friends and family.

Arksen Head of Sales, John Solomon, said:

“I recall my very first conversation with the new owner of Project Pelagos. As he described the key criteria for his family’s next vessel and the adventures that they wished to undertake, it quickly became clear to both he and I that the Arksen 85 was an ideal fit. He wanted to achieve trans-ocean cruising, high efficiency, the ability to explore high and low latitudes, easy operation, and low maintenance while having the latest proven and reliable technology.

“Central to the final decision was Arksen’s ability to personalise the vessel, and so we made significant customisations, including changes to the cabin layout and interior finish.”

Interior Design

The interior is designed in line with Arksen’s core values of functionality, beauty and sustainability and offers a calming ambience throughout, focusing on light and airy spaces. An environmental approach was at the heart of the design process. The materials have been selected to enhance the experience onboard, while minimising damage to the environment where possible.

“We didn’t want to be just another boatbuilder, we want to provide our owners with the opportunity for life-enhancing experiences to help foster a greater connection between humanity and the ocean. With a more sustainable approach in design, construction and operation of our vessels, we strive to be part of the important transition within the marine industry and hope to get the third hull of the Arksen 85 underway at the end of this year.”