Philosophy Behind The Arksen 45

The philosophy behind Arksen 45

As the Arksen 45 gears up for her launch later this year, we take a look at the philosophy behind this new Adventure Series vessel.

Following our design ethos of creating exceptional vessels to encourage exploration, inspire discovery and reconnect people to the ocean, Arksen further answers the call of the wild with the development of the Adventure Series. Built with the same priorities as the Explorer Series, offering an efficient sea-keeping hull, large load carrying capability and comfort onboard no matter the weather, but this time with a focus on adventures closer to home.

The Arksen 45 built for independent excursions, has the ability to take you on a multi-day adventure with the comfort and functionality you would expect from a larger vessel, with a cruising range of up to 500 nautical miles and sprint speeds over 50 knots, depending on powertrain selection.

With the Arksen 45, you no longer have to choose between activities, you just have to decide how many you think you can fit in one day. The innovative track system running flush across the deck offers an array of flexibility, with interchangeable racking, furniture and machinery to suit a range of hobbies. The modular approach enables the vessel to be tailored to match the owner’s specific requirements, whether it’s diving, paddleboarding, kayaking, biking, or fishing, the Arksen 45 allows you to get the most out of your weekend adventures. Whilst the flexible design provides a comfortable living and dining space for a vessel of its size, it is equally equipped for operating as a tender or chase boat for a large yacht or dedicated expedition vessel.

Arksen has partnered with Ring Powercraft who have been developing the tooling of the first in class. Arksen’s Sales & Marketing Director, Dominic Byrne comments, “The decision to work with Ring Powercraft was the obvious choice given their 50-year heritage and experience of developing performance boats for the leisure marine market.

The result is an exceptional offshore adventure vessel that can drive through the toughest conditions whilst still being fast and fuel-efficient. The Arksen 45 has an enclosed pilothouse, suspension seats, a dinette by the fully equipped galley, and can sleep up to four on-board, plus also benefits from a full-height shower room. Additional options include heating and air conditioning, plus twin or triple outboard options, and inboard options. With the ability to escape to incredible locations no matter the weather, this thoroughbred vessel is a true premium comfort SUV, ideal for long weekends as a base for the ultimate adventure.

Byrne continues, “We wanted to create a new type of boat, one that can constantly adapt to the needs of the owner and their family. Something that was comfortable, safe and with the versatility to be used all year round, as a day boat, weekend explorer, chase boat or tender. We wanted a boat that could incorporate all these things, so we developed the Arksen 45.”

The Arksen 45 will be launched this year, details to follow. But in the meantime, for further information or to enquire about one of our vessels, please get in touch.