Discovery Series

Built without compromise. Designed for family adventures.

Boundless boating

The Arksen Discovery Series aren’t bound by the ordinary; they’re designed for those who dare to dream beyond the horizon. They grant access to realms where joy is found in salt-kissed air and laughter echoes against cerulean backdrops.Unnecessarily capable, Arksen RIBs inspires confidence to push the boundaries of personal discovery, whatever your level of adventure.

Family together

Families are at the heart of the Discovery Series experience. Purpose-built features are crafted with the modern family in mind, spacious layouts enable generations to come together and share in the spirit of adventure.Thoughtfully designed seating arrangements, ample storage, and cutting-edge technology fuse seamlessly to enhance your journey’s every facet.

Built without compromise

Meticulously engineered in Britain to the highest standards by a passionate team of skilled experts using only premium materials and components. Blending performance, safety and comfort, the Discovery Series are the epitome of intelligent RIB design.

Built with the capability to handle the harshest conditions, whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or an extended expedition, these RIBs are the embodiment of toughness and endurance, giving you the confidence to boat all year round.

Connected adventure

Our philosophy is about fostering a community of kindred spirits who share a love for adventure and respect for the ocean.

From sun-drenched days of laidback leisure to cruising under moonlit nights of stargazing, every voyage becomes a story waiting to be told and every heartbeat resonates with the rhythms of the ocean.

So, gather your crew and set your sights on the horizon with the Arksen Discovery Series.

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