Get Involved With Ocean Research

A sense of adventure is really at the heart of those who take to life at sea. But what more is out there for yacht owners? How can they maximise their impact on protecting ocean health and get involved in an experience like no other? The Yachts for Science program has the answer.

Yachts owners who want to do more

The freedom to travel the world and explore the corners and depths of our oceans brings a new perspective of the world that very few will be lucky enough to experience. Combine this with a passion and love for the ocean leaves many feeling they want to do more to protect it, understand it and conserve all it has to offer.

The ocean is the beating heart of the planet

The world’s oceans cover 70% of the Earth’s surface and are a major contributor to keeping life on Earth. They help regulate our climate and weather platforms, by transporting heat from the equator to the poles, as well as providing over 50% of the world’s oxygen and storing more carbon dioxide than the atmosphere.

But that’s not all, the oceans provide many lifesaving medicinal ingredients to fight life-threatening diseases, over 200 million jobs in the marine industry worldwide and have the ability to protect our coastlines with its natural defences in the form of wetlands, mangroves, coral reefs and seagrass beds.

The ocean is closely tied to human health. If the ocean is in distress then so are we, which is why it is so important to protect it at all costs.

A major way to protect our ocean, as well as see the state it is actually in, is to fully understand it through data and research. Although we know key facts about the ocean, our current understanding is quite limited.

What can research do?

Ocean research allows us to make discoveries. To make observations and collect data of the biological, chemical, physical, geological and archaeological aspects of the ocean and marine life, that will enable future decision making, further research and address current and emerging science.

Understanding the hidden secrets of the ocean can reveal key insight into the state of the planet, new sources of medicinal ingredients, food and energy, as well as help us know how to respond better to natural hazards.

What is preventing ocean research?

But there is one major issue that is preventing vital ocean research from being carried out… access.

Access to the ocean is not as easy as you think and researchers, scientists, filmmakers and many more are struggling to gain ocean access due to a lack of suitable vessels. Research vessels are limited and there is simply not enough to go around or to be located in the right place at the right time to coincide with a specific project.

The use of yachts in ocean research

There are currently over 8,000 yachts at sea, travelling the globe, which makes for a huge opportunity to utilise them as platforms for research, as well as provide a once in a lifestyle opportunity for a yacht owner and crew to be involved in an adventure like no other.

Not all ocean research or exploration projects need large-scale research vessels. Although each project will have its vessel requirements, many simply need enough berths for their team, space to store their equipment and a table surface to record data and findings. This is why yachts and superyachts can be used to facilitate such important ocean research.

Why get your yacht involved in ocean research?

Apart from enabling access to the ocean and vital ocean research and exploration, donating your vessel will provide a once in a lifetime experience for you, your family and your crew.

  • Meet and spend time with inspiring and established researchers who are the best in their field.

  • Choose a project suited to you, that aligns with your current yacht location or planned route.

  • Be at the forefront of new, relevant and influential research.

  • Travel to new destinations and gain access to restricted areas only accepting research vessels.

  • Gain a new perspective of the oceans and marine life, that’s not achievable when travelling for pleasure.

  • Make unforgettable memories.

Get involved with Yachts for Science

Yachts for Science is a program that matches marine scientists with private vessels. They are the middle agent in sourcing private yachts and superyachts for suitable ocean research projects around the world and work closely with both parties to facilitate the vital research and conservation needed for our oceans.

Arksen is a proud partner of Yachts for Science and believes deeply in the need for ocean exploration and conservation. The Yachts for Science program is currently recruiting for yachts to join their database to enable their current available missions.

Yachts operating in all areas of the globe are needed, but particularly those located off the beaten track, up in high latitudes and the middle of the Pacific. Every vessel has the capabilities to facilitate research, with many projects having very few requirements. Yachts in transit or out on delivery still provide great opportunities for researchers and we’re urging all yachts owners who want to maximise their yacht’s usage and their impact to sign up to this amazing program.