Founding 10% Of The Ocean

Arksen becomes founding partner of 10% For The Ocean – A philanthropic organisation established to increase global ocean conservation funding from 1% to 10%

Currently, less than 1% of worldwide charitable donations go to ocean conservation, when the ocean covers over 70% of our world. Arksen, along with an expert advisory board are taking on this statistic to push the 1% up to 10%.

To harness the power of collective giving and reach a targeted 10 fold increase for ocean philanthropy, Arksen has founded the registered charity, 10% For The Ocean (10FTO). Originally launched in January 2020 as an ocean philanthropy campaign, 10FTO will supersede the Arksen Foundation. This initiative quickly showed potential to impact the health of our oceans on a global scale which necessitated it becoming a dedicated broader purpose charity. This change is intended to help solve the lack of charitable funds reaching marine conservation.

10FTO seeks to reach a worldwide audience who are united by the common goal to improve ocean health and kickstart a ‘blue recovery’. The expert team is working with a global community of funders to collaboratively support high impact initiatives which have the capability to create enduring and large-scale changes for the future of our oceans.

Funding will be directed to a philanthropic fund which distributes grants across pre-vetted ocean causes worldwide. The resultant funding can be delivered at scale and reach multiple innovative and impactful projects simultaneously, to advance ocean recovery and achieve environmental sustainability.

10FTO will back innovative ocean projects that align to Sustainable Development Goals across infrastructure, research programmes, legal and advocacy work and education, in the same vein as the previous Arksen Foundation focus.

Originally operating under the Arksen Foundation, owners of Arksen’s vessels will continue to be encouraged to pledge a portion of their vessel’s sea time to ocean exploration and marine ecosystem research through a Sea Time Pledge. The pledge will provide scientists, explorers, thought leaders, filmmakers, journalists and photographers access to a fleet of vessels from which to run their projects, realise their ideas and affect positive change to contribute to the health of our oceans.

By creating a single action point for the ocean with 10FTO, Arksen owners and 10FTO supporters can all collectively be a part of the solution for the preservation of our oceans and help improve the health of our primary life support system.

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