Finalist In VR Marketing Campaign Of The Year

Journals collated Journals collated 100% 10 B74 The Arksen 85 Digital Twin has been nominated for the VR Marketing Campaign of 2022. The Arksen 85 Digital Twin has been nominated for the VR Marketing Campaign of 2022.

While the first two Arksen 85s are due on the water this winter, we are excited to announce that the digital twin of the 85ft explorer vessel is up for an award. This virtual experience, developed by our partners at canVERSE, is a finalist at the Academy of International Extended Reality (AIXR) VR Awards 2022 in the VR Marketing Campaign of the Year category.

This nomination is a testament to the collaborative and innovative approach the Marketing team at Arksen take, and how their partnership with canVERSE and other technology-focused companies continually shapes thinking, keeping them ahead of the game. This digital twin allows for multiple touch points from the streamed Furioos instance on the Arksen Website to in-person VR demos using the Varjo headset.

This digital twin provides our community the opportunity to explore our flagship vessel in real-time 3D as a one-to-one replica of the Arksen 85, rather than a scaled-down version.

This virtual experience encourages website visitors to board the vessel and explore its interior. They are also able to experience the views of beautiful coastlines, different climates and endless oceans from the comfort of their own home.

canVERSE has created a realistic experience in the material textures, reflections and movements of the 3D model with the Computer Aided Design (CAD) files used in the actual build of the vessel. It was created using software developed by Unity. On seeing the one-to-one replica of the final Arksen 85, Unity wanted to showcase the work and is now promoting the project as a case study.

Customisable Interior

Arksen’s Explorer Series are highly customisable with comfortable interior layouts that can be reconfigured for multiple purposes from leisure to research. With the potential to use a digital twin to showcase what our vessels are capable of, we are able to give clients a glimpse of the meaningful experiences they could create on the Arksen 85. The digital development process also offers the ability for regular updates and design changes so clients have the latest variants at their fingertips.

The future of 3D at Arksen

We use this technology to enable quicker client decisions and design discussions. This process reduces timeframes and potential wastage from design changes further down the line, when the vessel is in production.

In the future, we also plan to showcase the digital twin via other media, including Virtual and Augmented Holographic Reality.

“It’s been like giant Lego. We’ve been able to take all the different components of the Arksen 85 and unite them, creating a digital twin that lets you feel what it’s like to be onboard the Arksen 85.”

Barn CleavecanVERSE CEO