Arksen Accepts Crypto

We will now accept all major cryptocurrencies for payment

We are delighted to announce, we will now accept all major cryptocurrencies for payment, alongside standard marine financing options by developing a digital asset-based collateral program.

Designed for a new breed of explorers, Arksen vessels are built for adventure to take you to the wildest and most remote places on the planet. We are at the forefront of designing for the next generation by selecting the best technology for efficiency and ease of use.

Just like the early adopters of the cryptocurrency market, our pioneering approach to innovation has led us to acquire crypto as part of our treasury management strategy. Dominic Byrne, Sales & Marketing Director at Arksen comments, “We now offer buyers the ability to use cryptocurrency as collateral when purchasing a yacht, and importantly, without the need to relinquish their holdings. Buyers can deposit their crypto and use it as collateral to acquire the yacht of their choice.”

Additionally, we have also created the Adventure Syndicate, a club that allows members to enjoy shared membership of an Arksen explorer vessel. Byrne explains,

“You will be free to enjoy zero-hassle ownership and the benefits of a fully maintained, crewed, and equipped vessel with the financial flexibility to trade in and out of a syndicate at any time.”

More about Arksen

An essential part of Arksen’s vision is to inspire the next generation of sailor, scientist, and conservationist, and that’s why we support projects which empower people to better understand, protect and nurture the world’s oceans. Working together with our partners, we formed Yachts for Science; a project which brings together yacht owners, and marine scientists with the aim of providing easier access to oceans for vital research.

You can learn more about the other pillars of Arksen Philanthropy.

Arksen vessels are made for adventure, to be able to explore the world in confidence with robustness, efficiency and lifecycle sustainability all being key Arksen attributes. We work with clients to configure layouts and interiors onboard to suit your needs, which will be unique to you.

In summary, we are trying a different approach – one that reaches a broader audience and offers the joy of experiences rather than ownership alone. “As we like to say, ownership of an Arksen is not a status symbol; it is a statement of intent,” explains Byrne. We hope that our vessels and the ecosystem that supports them will have a profound and positive impact on the lives of owners.

If you would like to learn more about this initiative, please do not hesitate to get in touch.