Arksen 85 Build Milestone
Bridge deck installation milestone for the first Arksen 85
Arksen Appoints New Sales and Marketing Director
Arksen bolsters team with a new sales and marketing director
Surfing underwater
New Roles Created for Business Growth
Six new roles have been created within Arksen's core team to accommodate rapid growth of the business.
Arksen Exhibits at boot Düsseldorf 2022
After a year away, we look forward to welcoming you on our stand at Dusseldorf in January, where the Arksen team will be on hand to greet you.
Second Arksen 85 Sold
The ambitious project has rapidly gained momentum, with the sale of the second Arksen 85, Project Pelagos, announced today.
Arksen converts UK Future Fund Investment
Arksen converts UK Future Fund Investment to equity and calls for government support for the wider UK shipbuilding industry.
Hull Turning – Why?
Watch the video and learn what ‘turning’ a vessel means. Jim Mair, Arksen Technical Director, answers all our questions.
Martyn Thornton arriving at the finish line of the Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge
Rowing the Atlantic – The Debrief
At the end of last year, Martyn Thornton, a.k.a Atlantic Solo, took on the gruelling challenge to row over 3,000 miles in the Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge.
Arksen Foundation underwater life
Founding 10% for the Ocean
To harness the power of collective giving and reach a targeted 10 fold increase for ocean philanthropy, Arksen has founded 10% For The Ocean.
Winner of the Yacht of the Year
There were a fantastic array of entries, and we are delighted to see that the winner of the award is 'Beluga', managed by the Australian-based yacht agency Ocean Alliance.
Arksen 85-01 hull turn
Hull Turn Milestone Arksen 85
Arksen have reached another milestone with the recent hull turn of Project Ocean, the first 85ft explorer vessel currently in build.
Ocean coral
How Science Can Save the Ocean
We have mapped just a fraction of the ocean floor and discovered less than a tenth of the species estimated to be living within it.
Why We Need Adventure Vessels
Arksen’s Founder explains the philosophy around designing for science.
Arksen 85 explorer vessel on the water
First Arksen 85 Explorer Vessel Sold
We are delighted to announce that we have completed the sale of the first Arksen 85 explorer vessel.
Arksen 85 foredeck view
How Boats are Built for Research
A new design approach to deliver multi-purpose boats developed for leisure but also for science, could open up far more opportunities.
Rowing the Atlantic
Olly Hicks, Atlantic rower and record holder, speaks to Martyn Thornton, Atlantic Solo, who is taking part in the Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge 2020.
Martyn Thornton at sea
Arksen Sponsors Atlantic Solo
Arksen is very proudly sponsoring Martyn on his race across the Atlantic in the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge.
Arksen Project Ocean First Weld
Explorer Vessel Behind the Scenes
We are now pleased to share with you a quick look behind the scenes at the team of experts working on bringing the recycled aluminium Explorer Vessel to life.
Aluminium Provided by Hydro
New Partner Hydro
This partnership with Hydro provides us with access to low-carbon aluminium as well as an abundance of aluminium expertise.
Arksen 85 Project Ocean Render Image of vessel at sea with iceberg
Explorer Vessel Project Ocean in Build
A Milestone for Arksen, as the first eco-conscious Explorer Vessel, the Arksen 85 "Project Ocean", has gone into production in the UK.
Arksen COO Ewan Hind Clipper Race
Meet the COO
Interview with COO, Ewan Hind, on how he first got into the marine industry, sustainability, the impact of a pandemic as well as his past adventures.
Arksen Foundation Help Our Kelp project ROV underwater
Help Our Kelp
The Arksen RIB was used to launch a small remotely operated tethered camera system to survey the shallow areas of the coastline.
Arksen sponsor Ocean Awards 2021 Yacht of the Year Award
Yacht of the Year
We’re excited to announce that Arksen is sponsoring the brand new ‘Yacht of the Year’ category at the Ocean Awards 2021.
Arksen Oceanographic Magazine Interview
A Simple Journey
Interview with our founder about his deep connection with this planet’s wild places and what roles sustainability and conservation will play in Arksen’s long-term plans.
Olly Hicks adventure
Oceanographic Feature
A passion for minimalistic, human-powered expeditions has taken endurance athlete and ocean rower Olly Hicks to every continent and to every ocean.
Yachts for Science
Yachts for Science
BOAT International Media and partners today announce the digital launch of the innovative ‘Yachts for Science’ project
Wight Shipyard Company Peter Morton
Arksen Origins – Peter Morton
Peter Morton, CEO of Wight Shipyard Co. discusses his sailing past, the future of yachting.
Arksen Origins Jasper Smith Adventures
Arksen Origins – Jasper Smith
Discover more about the adventures of two lead characters behind Arksen, Jasper Smith and Olly Hicks
Arksen Adventures - Arksen 45 colouring in
Adventure Indoors
Run out of ideas to keep the kids busy? Here are a collection of our favourite ideas the team have been trying out with their own families.
Arksen Olly Hicks adventures rowing atlantic
Arksen Origins
Olly Hicks, the new driving force behind the Arksen Foundation and Arksen Explorers' Club.
Olly Hicks speaks at Economist Tourism Summit 2020
Olly speaks at Economist event
Olly Hicks calls for more collaboration at Sea Tourism event
Ghost net waterhaul
Have You Heard About Waterhaul?
The team have today announced the partnership with Waterhaul which intercepts plastic from our oceans.
Arksen Return to the blue
Return to the Blue
Watch and enjoy our first film, Return to the Blue, which celebrates all that drives Arksen forward.
Arksen releases new products
Arksen Gets More Adventurous
Arksen give overview on latest pioneering and technical innovations at boot Düsseldorf Boat Show.
Arksen explorers rally pelorus
Arksen Explorers Rally Powered by PELORUS
A rally like no other, born from two companies’ commitment to ocean conservation, exploration and a desire to expand the horizons of adventure yacht travel.
Arksen and Praxis - hybrid system
Arksen Partners with Praxis
Arksen has partnered with Praxis Automation Technology to develop the hybrid propulsion systems and vessel management systems for its 20-30m range of explorer yachts.
Arksen adventure syndicate explore more
New Adventure Syndicate
The Arksen Adventure Syndicate is a pioneering new members club offering access to a multi-year cruising program, at a significantly lower cost.
Arksen 85 explorer vessel on the water
New Pioneering Project Developments
With just days to go until the world’s largest boat and water sports fair opens its doors to the public, Arksen is inviting visitors to its official press conference at boot Düsseldorf 2020
Arksen explorer series
boot Düsseldorf 2020
Come and visit us at Düsseldorf Boat Show 2020, 18th – 26th January, in our new location hall 7a stand B24.
Arksen sunset view
New Tech Blog Launch
We are excited to have launched the first in a series of tech blogs on Medium.
Arksen 85 in tropical sea bright sun
One to Watch
Arksen is ‘One to Watch’ as one of the most innovative and impactful companies of 2019.
Arksen underwater
The Superyacht Forum
We are delighted to announce that on Monday 18th November at the RAI, Amsterdam, Jasper Smith will open The Superyacht Forum 2019
Arksen 85 eco-focused company
New Chief Operating Officer
Arksen have announced the appointment of Ewan Hind as Chief Operating Officer to the company.
Arksen science and philanthropy news
Science & Philanthropy
Philanthropy has been, and can be a powerful tool for change but, the ocean remains the least funded, receiving less than 1% of philanthropic funding since 2009.
Arksen USP thumbnail
More about the Arksen 85
Watch this video to discover more about what makes the Arksen vessels unique.
Arksen 85 render plan view in blue sea
New Appointments
Arksen are excited to announced the appointment of Jim Mair to the company, filling the role of Technical Director.
Arksen tank testing
Arksen 85 – Model Testing
Here is Tom Humphreys talking you through the process at the Qinetiq Ocean Basin and the kinds of rigorous testing we performed.
Arksen 85 explorer vessel at tropical bay
Arksen become leaders in sustainability
Arksen has today announced its partnership with MarineShift360.
Arksen 85 interior render aft view
Interior with a Conscience
We are pleased to reveal the first look at the interior of the inaugural vessel in build, the Arksen 85.
Humphreys yacht design image
The Design Approach: HYD
HYD is a multidisciplinary design office, unifying the occasionally divergent demands of functionality, performance, safety and good looks
Melting traditions story arrive
Melting Traditions
Last year I had the privilege to spend some time up in Greenland, living on the fringes of the civilised world in a place where modern and old cultures clash.
Welding at Arksen shipyard
Why Aluminium?
Fundamentally our choice of build materials is based on a necessity that we and our users must be able to rely on our products in the harshest of conditions, time and time again
Born to re-wild
Born to Re-Wild – Wealth Report
The Wealth Report meets the wealthy conservationists using their resources to protect and restore some of the world’s most precious habitats
underwater image sea life
Arksen Foundation
There is more to Arksen than just the range of Exceptional Explorer Vessels.
Arksen Found Jasper Smith head shot
Robb Report
Read the interview with Founder, Jasper Smith, in the Robb Report to find out more about the inspiration behind the brand.
Arksen 85 in ice scene
Arksen in Forbes
Have you seen the latest Forbes article? Find out more about our Founder and his passion behind the project.
Aerial view of Arksen 85 explorer vessel bow travelling through ice
See the Arksen 85 in action
Watch a video of the Arksen 85 in action here.
Arksen 85 model at boat show
Successful First Day at Dusseldorf
Here's what Arksen founder Jasper Smith, Humphreys Yacht Design's Tom Humphreys and Arksen Foundation's Nico Wills had to say…
Arksen 85 explorer vessel travelling through Arctic
New Wave of Innovation to the Marine Industry
A technology and innovation company building the most authentic, capable and efficient explorer vessels of their kind
Arksen Founder Jasper Smith
Tech entrepreneur set to disrupt marine industry
Tech entrepreneur and investor Jasper Smith is changing tack and has set his sights on the marine industry with the launch of Arksen