New Partner Hydro

We have talked before on the use of aluminium and the reasons why we believe it’s the ideal material to build the Arksen range. With the Arksen 85 ‘Project Ocean’ currently in production, at Wight Shipyard Co., we are delighted to share that Hydro, a global supplier of aluminium, will be supplying the low-carbon aluminium for Arksen vessels. 

Low Carbon Aluminium

Hydro’s purpose is to create a more viable society by innovatively and efficiently developing natural resources into products and services. A value that is aligned with our own, Hydro are passionate about minimalising their footprint and producing more sustainable materials. 

This partnership with Hydro provides us with access to low-carbon aluminium as well as an abundance of aluminium expertise in developing cost-effective, efficient and strong solutions for the marine industry. 

Hydro has provided us access to both rolled and extruded marine-grade aluminium, made from a combination of process scrap and recycled aluminium, combined with primary aluminium which offers a low-carbon alternative, manufactured using renewable energy. In turn, aiding our journey to create a fleet of more-sustainable exploration and research vessels. 

‘Project Ocean’ will be built with Hydro Njørdal, in the form of aluminium extrusions and sheets, that are strong yet light and corrosion-resistant, making them suitable for life at sea. Hydro Njørdal is an alloy stronger and more durable than other aluminium alloys. Allowing for an innovative light-weight design, it will also contribute to greatly reducing energy consumption.

‘Project Ocean’ in production at Wight Shipyard Co. using Hydro aluminium.

Olly Hicks, Executive Director of the Arksen Foundation commented:

“Hydro’s knowledge and experience has enabled us to better understand the material benefits both for the vessel and for the environment. We were impressed with how Hydro are working with their partners to deliver smarter solutions and for highlighting what should be the preferred choice in the industry. This is something that we want to help champion as well.”

Hydro has been involved early on within the Arksen project, providing insights into optimising the aluminium construction as well as designing for recycling. 

David Goddard, UK Sales Manager at Hydro, states that, “Only a small percentage of boats in Europe are recycled.” Commenting that “Projects like this from Arksen are a step in the right direction for the potential of recycling materials in the marine sector.” 

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