New Appointments

Arksen are excited to announce the appointment of Jim Mair to the company, filling the role of Technical Director. In addition, Arksen has also called upon the expertise of Ashley Perrin and her team at Antarctic Ice Pilot in a consulting role, to develop the layout and engineering of the Arksen Series, the 20-30m explorer vessel range. 

New Technical Director

Boasting a background in a wide range of marine technical services including operational/maintenance of yachts, the design of high-speed crew transfer boats, build management of heavy-duty workboats and refit of large motor yachts, Mair, who was previously the Technical Manager for Meercat Workboats, is a reputable candidate to fill the role.

Jim Mair – Technical Director

“I’m excited!” commented Mair.

“The work from the Arksen team and project partners to date in developing the Arksen Series and the Arksen Foundation is really amazing. It’s hugely exciting to be joining the team and taking the project into the next stage, delivering the first of the Arksen vessels.

“My main focus for the next year is the successful delivery of the first Arksen 85 vessel to an exceptional standard. During that period, we aim to get an Arksen 70 into production, continue the exciting level of development of the Ark-Control system for installation into the ‘autonomy ready’ Arksen 85, and to drive a significant level of funding into environmental and scientific projects through the Arksen Foundation.”

Consultant Expertise

The Arksen Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation providing project funding, facilitating cutting-edge scientific research and creating innovative media to inspire a greater understanding of the beauty of the ocean ecosystem, is of particular interest to Consultant Ashley Perrin and her team:

“The project is exciting as it has a conservation angle to it and Antarctic Ice Pilot believes that owners who have the privilege of travelling to remote places should be encouraged to do citizen science or allow scientists to use the asset to gather important data.”

Antarctic Ice Pilot, a full-service company providing yacht preparation services for private vessels heading to the Antarctic Peninsula, South Georgia and the Falklands, will use their extensive experience to support the production of true explorer vessels capable of performing exceptionally well in high latitudes and in the remotest of regions.

Ashley Perrin – Ice Pilot

“The Arksen project is an opportunity to create a range of yachts that are truly designed for expeditions in mind. 

“I have personally spent a lot of time in the engineering spaces of yachts that are so-called expedition yachts but are not set up for the challenges of high latitudes. As a result, one ends up having to find solutions to problems that could have been solved at the design and build stage, instead of becoming a significant problem in a remote area of the oceans.”

She continues:

“After working with naval architects on a high latitude sailing yacht project, I was able to help modify the design to meet the unique requirements of operating in Antarctica and South Georgia. The work with Arksen is a natural project to be involved in.”

Jasper Smith, Founder of Arksen, is delighted to have the duo onboard:

“By bringing the unique experience and expertise that both Jim and Ashley hold will reinforce Arksen’s core mission of building hybrid, semi-autonomous explorer vessels for research, commercial and leisure purposes, producing a truly exceptional product for explorers and scientists alike – it’s exciting.”

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