Have you heard about Waterhaul?

As part of the development of the Arksen Foundation projects portfolio, the team have today announced the partnership with Waterhaul, a UK based enterprise which intercepts plastic from our oceans and transforms them into high-quality, functional products. 

The Waterhaul project sits closely with the Arksen Foundation‘s goals in its mission to clear fishing debris from our oceans which are harmful to marine life. Considering that 640,000 tonnes of fishing nets are discarded in the ocean every year, it is not a small task.  

Waterhaul is taking a collaborative approach and working with fishermen, NGOs and community groups to work together to remove the nets from the seas and beaches, either through prevention of them being released in the first place or by the activation of recovery projects. 

It is on this latter aspect that Arksen has joined forces to provide an additional resource to access remote beaches through a project launching in spring this year. To work with local schools and academies to run workshops educating the pupils on the types of plastics recovered in their area to increase engagement with the issue. 

More details about this project will be announced in the coming months.