Explorers’ Club

To ensure that our owners get the best out of their boats and their recreational time, we created Arksen Explorers – a blend of an owners club, voyage designer and adventure concierge service to make sure every journey you take becomes a treasured memory for you and your family.

Whether you want to take your vessel through the North West Passage as a family, embark on a multi year Trans-Pacific cruise or opt for a more leisurely tour of the Mediterranean. Our team has the network, expertise and passion to prepare, guide and support you to make your dream adventures a reality. 

Adventures Designed by Explorers
Arksen is staffed by a band of passionate, record breaking adventurers, navigators, and voyagers – we are there every step of the way to create once in a lifetime experiences for you and your loved ones.
Arksen Explorer ‘Signature’ Cruises
A handful of meticulously planned cruises in the spirit of the golden age of exploration. Choose from Galapagos in the footsteps of Darwin, Svalbard in the wake of Nansen or Greenland chasing Tilman’s ghost.
Trusted Global Network
Developed from personal experience, we ensure your adventure time is maximised through our experienced global network of adventure and logistics professionals – from Dive and Ski Guides to customs agents and shipyards.
Arksen Concierge
We curate luxury tailor-made experiences in unique destinations to ensure you make the most of your time onboard. From travel arrangements, show tickets, restaurant booking to bespoke and VIP experiences.
Arksen Crew Services
Whether you are looking for full time crew or an occasional Chef or Ice Pilot, we have a trusted network of highly skilled personnel.
Arksen Owners Club & Events
An exclusive calendar of events for our owners to mix with like minded adventurers and ocean lovers.
24/7 Vessel Management & support
Voyage with peace of mind that wherever you are on the planet the Arksen team is only a phone call away with a logistics service ready to dispatch anything you might need.
Arksen Outposts
A growing series of global outposts supported by Arksen Philanthropy and accessible to members of the Arksen family. Hubs for adventure, conservation and the arts.

Through the Explorers’ Club, owners will have access to two types of adventure:

Bespoke Expedition & Voyage Planning

Long or short, extreme or serene, there is something for all tastes; authentic adventure that is both safe and enjoyable. Our specialists have a catalogue of ideas for owners to choose from or can help you plan something unique.

From ski touring in Lofoten, to diving with Orca in the Fjords to discovering Maltese cuisine on historic Gozo, we can help you get the most from your passage making and chosen destinations.

Signature Adventures

Arksen vessels are designed to achieve more than any vessel of their size and to forge new paths where private vessels have not been capable of venturing before. We were inspired to launch Arksen by the stories of some of our greatest Arctic and ocean explorers; Nansen, Cousteau, Hyerdahl and Tilman. Therefore, our signature trips have been designed as a homage to the greats, who between them have changed our perceptions of what is possible.  

The Arksen Signature Adventures are inspired by some of the real-life expeditions, locations, oceans and aspirations of our greatest explorers, their legacy fuels our sense of adventure, our love of the wild and the challenge of the unknown.

Inspired by these adventurers we have created a series of signature trips spanning the globe; from the Arctic to Antarctica, the Pacific to the Atlantic, adventures to encourage the explorer within all of us. While some of the Signature Adventures are thousands of miles long as a whole, it should also be remembered that they all have the ability to be shortened or travelled in stages.