Behind the Scenes of Project Ocean

Last month the first Arksen 85 went into build at Wight Shipyard Co. We are now pleased to share with you a quick look behind the scenes at the team of experts working on bringing the recycled aluminium Explorer Vessel to life. As ‘Project Ocean’ develops, between now and her delivery in Spring 2022, we will be sharing with you an in-depth look into the team, designs, materials and processes involved in creating a capable, long-range, eco-conscious exploration vessel.

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Arksen Origins – Peter Morton

Peter Morton, CEO of Wight Shipyard Co. discusses his sailing past, the future of yachting and why he is enthusiastic about building the Arksen Explorer Vessels.

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Arksen Origins – Episode 2

As a team of climbers, sailors, skiers, divers, surfers and kiteboarder’s, getting off the beaten track is in our DNA and this fuels our passion for the ocean. Discover more about the adventures of two lead characters behind Arksen, Founder Jasper Smith and Foundation & Explorers’ Club Director, Olly Hicks.

“I was very lucky to do a trip sailing from Australia all the way up to Alaska on a sailing boat, and we were one of the first boats, if not the first western boat to go into Kamchatka. I was a climber and so I had spent many years climbing and being inspired by Doug Scott, Stephen Venables and Chris Bonington and these amazing mountaineers.” – Jasper Smith, Arksen Founder

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Arksen Origins – Olly Hicks

We are keen to keep the sense of adventure going while we are all in lock down and provide a little light entertainment by sharing some of our own past adventures in our new series of short films, Arksen Origins.

The first episode in the series delves into the mind of Olly Hicks, the driving force behind the Arksen Foundation and Arksen Explorers’ Club. Utilising his vast exploration background and love of the ocean to help inspire others to push themselves and achieve once in a lifetime journeys.

His accomplishments include being the only person to row solo across the Atlantic Ocean from the USA to England after 124 days at sea as well as the youngest to row any ocean solo (at the time!). Olly also made the first row across the Tasman Sea from Tasmania to New Zealand, through 96 days alone on the notoriously wild southern ocean. In addition to that he has several extreme kayak voyages under his belt including a 200 mile crossing from the Shetland Islands to Norway in memory of the World War Two Shetland Bus Operation.

Watch the first origins film here and find out more about Olly’s other adventures below.

Discover more about Olly’s past adventures

The Greenland to Scotland Challenge:

Row the World:

Olly recently spoke at The Economist Sea Tourism event, you can watch his speech here>>

Return to the Blue Film

Everyone needs a dream, a desire, a driving force that makes you get up in the morning and fight for what matters most to you. For Arksen, it is the love of the ocean, the passion for the ferocity and life-affirming nature of this vast ecosystem we rely so heavily on for survival and source of adventure. 

The time is now, to take action, to make a change, to define a new sustainable marine future. 

Watch and enjoy our first film, Return to the Blue, which celebrates all that drives Arksen forward.

More about the Arksen 85
See the Arksen 85 in action
Successful First Day at Dusseldorf

It was great to launch Arksen in front of our partners, Humphreys Yacht Design, Design Unlimited, Waterline Media and industry colleagues at boot Düsseldorf today. 

Here’s what Arksen founder Jasper Smith, Humphreys Yacht Design’s Tom Humphreys and Arksen Foundation’s Nico Wills had to say…