Arksen Origins – Olly Hicks

We are keen to keep the sense of adventure going while we are all in lockdown and provide a little light entertainment by sharing some of our own past adventures in our new series of short films, Arksen Origins.

The first episode in the series delves into the mind of Olly Hicks, the driving force behind the Arksen Foundation and Arksen Explorers’ Club. Utilising his vast exploration background and love of the ocean to help inspire others to push themselves and achieve once in a lifetime journeys.

His accomplishments include being the only person to row solo across the Atlantic Ocean from the USA to England after 124 days at sea as well as the youngest to row any ocean solo (at the time!). Olly also made the first row across the Tasman Sea from Tasmania to New Zealand, through 96 days alone on the notoriously wild southern ocean. In addition to that he has several extreme kayak voyages under his belt including a 200 mile crossing from the Shetland Islands to Norway in memory of the World War Two Shetland Bus Operation.

Watch the first origins film below:

Discover more about Olly’s past adventures…

The Greenland to Scotland Challenge:

Row the World:

Olly recently spoke at The Economist Sea Tourism event, you can watch his speech here>>