Arksen Gets More Adventurous

18 January 2020 – boot Düsseldorf, Germany

Arksen took centre stage at boot Düsseldorf Boat Show today as the eco-focused innovation and technology company presented a series of new initiatives, each providing greater access to its range of exceptional explorer vessels. These new revolutionary approaches will help drive Arksen’s aim to accelerate the transition towards a more sustainable marine future by uniting like-minded adventurers and families, enabling them to go off-grid and explore the world’s oceans whilst participating in conservation projects and marine research. 

New Pioneering Adventure Developments

In addition to the newly launched Arksen Adventure Syndicate an innovative new ownership model offering access to a multi-year cruising program at a significantly lower cost, the company is delighted to unveil details of the brand-new Arksen Explorers Rally powered by PELORUS.

A concept born from two companies’ commitment to ocean conservation, exploration and a desire to expand the horizons of luxury travel. Designed to enable friends and families to explore the world’s wilder lands and oceans, the initial Viking Saga and Middle Seas Rally will take place in 2021. To deliver this series of events, the Arksen and PELORUS team has created an incredible itinerary of life-enhancing experiences and built an inimitable network of adventure professionals.

The Arksen Foundation, a non-profit company that actively contributes to research programs to support the identification of new species as well as the preservation of existing ones, has announced its new lead campaign, 10% for the Ocean. Inspired by its passion for preserving the ocean’s ecosystem, developed from discussions with leading scientists and philanthropists, this campaign is designed to move the needle for ocean conservation funding and set new standards in targeted generosity.

This campaign is a pledge taken by individuals, families and companies to address a global and systemic problem; that less than 1% of all charitable funding goes to supporting ocean-related causes today. Arksen’s aim is to create a scale funding network for ocean science and related causes – to increase the oceans share of funding from 1% to 10%.

All-new Arksen Adventure Vessels

Iconic marine brand, Ring Powercraft, has been appointed as the official partner to work alongside Arksen to produce an exceptional range of power vessels, built to accommodate a wide-range of uses; pleasure, adventure, diving, tourism, charter, expeditions and research. The Arksen Adventure vessels are based on Ring Powercraft’s outstanding reputation for producing ground-breaking, high-performance hulls, with exceptional manoeuvrability and rough water handling, which are already utilised in commercial and military markets. In-line with Arksen’s ethos, sustainable approaches and methodologies will be applied to the design and production of these vessels.

The Arksen Adventure vessels will be offered with a range of power and propulsion options to suit different users including outboards, stern drive and water jet propulsion systems, with petrol, diesel and hybrid power plants.

Ring CEO, David Jackson, commented on the partnership:

“We are proud to be working with the Arksen team on this exciting new project to create a range of explorer craft. 

“Arksen’s innovative approach, a perfect fit with our strategy on development projects, will deliver a unique British offering in short and medium range adventure boating. Ring’s proven hull designs, which have evolved throughout the brand’s 51-year history, enhance the concept with fuel efficient, soft riding and exceptional rough water handling capabilities. Our experience in the Commercial and Defence sectors will add durability, range and ‘no-fail mission’ features.

“One of the key drivers for us, as we develop our eco-strategy, has been Arksen’s approach to sustainability. This platform will provide the opportunity to research and develop the practical application of eco-friendly bio, sustainable and recyclable materials for marine use, which can then be rolled out to our production processes.

“As we start the year, we look forward to adding ‘Adventure’ to our current Leisure, Commercial and Defence ranges.”

Arksen COO, Ewan Hind, reflected on the company’s recent announcements:

“A year on from company launch and we’re delighted to return to boot Düsseldorf to unveil our line-up of new project developments.

“Arksen has gone from strength to strength, with our technical teams working tirelessly to develop new and existing relationships with partners and suppliers, looking at the full life cycle of each element of the build but ensuring that above all the vessels meet and exceed safety standards so that our clients can explore in exceptionally high levels of comfort.

“In addition to having the first Arksen 85 ready for build early this year, the designers have been finalising the Arksen 70, a model which has proven to be very popular and makes up a large part of the enquiries we receive. The 70 will also be ready to commence build in 2020 alongside the Arksen 85.”

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