About Arksen

Arksen is a global adventure company that aims to inspire and motivate the next generation of explorers and conservationists. We design and build exceptionally capable vessels and off-road vehicles to explore the most spectacular and remote destinations on land or sea. Our vision and technical ability mean our customers enjoy the thrill of extreme adventure in utmost safety and comfort. Technical clothing guarantees that comfort for every second of exploration, no matter how harsh the conditions. Carefully curated homeware brings the adventure inside, so the journey never ends.


Starting life as a marine adventure company, Arksen has always had a passion for the ocean. This incredible biosphere produces 80% of the oxygen we breathe and supports 94% of the planet’s species yet attracts just 1% of charitable donations. We wanted to change that, so we started 10% for the Ocean. Our charity has the simple goal of encouraging individuals and organisations to pledge 10% of their annual charitable giving to oceanic research and protection. 

The biggest single issue facing ocean science and discovery today is not a lack of willing people; it is a lack of funding and infrastructure to support it.  We saw an opportunity to help, so Arksen launched the Sea Time Pledge. Arksen boat owners are encouraged to donate a portion of their vessels’ annual sea time to scientific or educational projects. This dovetails with Yachts for Science which Arksen founded in partnership with EYOS Expeditions, Nekton, the Ocean Family Foundation and Boat International. The initiative brings together yacht owners and crew with marine scientists, researchers and content creators to provide them with access to the oceans. 

On land, The Tree of Life is a project we are involved with to protect Africa’s natural landscapes. Working with the Zeitz Foundation we’ve helped to plant three million indigenous acacia trees in the heart of Laikipia, Kenya.


We live for the experiences that our products enable, and adventure is the lifeblood of our company.  As climbers, sailors, off-roaders, skiers, divers, surfers and kiteboarders, getting off the beaten track is in our DNA. It is what life is all about. So to maximise these opportunities for our community, we set up the Arksen Explorers Club which offers both custom and curated expeditions, a collection of adventures that are designed to enable friends and families to explore the world’s wilder lands and oceans. To deliver these initiatives, the Arksen team have created an incredible itinerary of experiences and built an inimitable network of adventure professionals. 

In the moment

Now is the time to get out there. Now is the time to change the way we travel the world. Now is the time to choose more sustainable and exceptional products that are designed with their full life cycle in mind. Now is the time to take that journey of a lifetime, why wait? To open up more opportunities for people to embark on life-enhancing adventures and work with us to help change the world, we set up our shared ownership program. The Arksen Explorers Syndicate is designed to allow like-minded adventurers to club together to share costs.


We believe that helping people to experience our planet is the best way of inspiring positive action. Our sustainable approach lets our owners tread more lightly; and Arksen understands that true adventure can only take flight when you’re confident in the tools you rely on.  Through the lens of sustainability, we design our products for genuine explorers, laser-focussed on function, reliability, customization and beauty.

By harnessing the latest hybrid propulsion technologies, coupled with state-of-the-art control and monitoring systems, our vessels are at the forefront of a revolution within the marine industry. We want to create a new wave of sustainable marine adventure that has respect for our earth’s ecology at its core and our choice of materials, technologies and processes all start from this simple concept. 

The same philosophy drives us on land: our rugged vehicles are re-engineered and re-imagined, marrying the reliability that comes from fixable, mechanical systems with the latest tech to realise even the most challenging of expeditions. Where possible we use off-the-shelf solutions, with parts that can be easily sourced and recycled worldwide. 

We design all of our products, from explorer boats and 4-wheel drives, to jackets and interiors with the same ideals at heart: efficient use of resources, replaceable, recyclable components and products that are built to last. Iconic products that can be loved by generations throughout the decades. 

Arksen is trying a different approach – one that is rooted in sustainability and the joy of experiences rather than ownership alone. As we like to say, ownership of an Arksen product is not a status symbol. It is a statement of intent. We hope that our vehicles, vessels, clothing and homeware will have a profound positive impact on the lives of their owners.

In the words of Thor Heyerdahl “Borders? I have never seen one. But I have heard they exist in the minds of some people.”